Morning Drive with Christie Live

Morning Drive with Christie Live

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Christie Live-Why Is This A Thing? Llama Therapy In Sacramento

Christie Live-Crazy Train-Child Steals Bobcat Loader & Goes For A Joy Ride

Neighbors got quite the scare when a Bobcat loader started rolling down their streets and destroying cars!

Christie Live-What TV Show Would Never Air Or Be Made Today?

Christie talks to the listeners about TV shows that could never air or be made today because they would be too controversial. All In The Family??

Christie Live-Why Is This A Thing? Exercise Like A Kitty

Every Tuesday & Thursday Christie and Producer Karena talk about things they see online that make them ask the questions..."Why Is This A Thing?"

Christie Live-Crazy Train-Woman Stuck In Outhouse Toilet Because Of Apple Watch

A woman had to call for rescue crews after she was stuck inside an outhouse toilet as she was trying to retrieve her Apple watch!

Christie Live-Christie Is Back From Bali & Was Called A 'Thirst Trap'

Christie is back from her Bali vacation and talks about her experience and why she is being called a 'thirst trap' person!

Christie Live-The Great Debate-Are Chihuahua's Actually A Dog?

Christie made a lot of people angry with her opinion about Chihuahua dogs including Producer Karena who has a small dog of her own!

Christie Live-Mexico City Marathon Disqualifies 11,000 Runners For Cheating

Wow. This is crazy. 11,000 out of the 30,000 runners who participated in a Mexico City Marathon were disqualified for cheating!

Christie Live-Christie Remembers Where She Was On This Tragic Day 09/11/2001

It's a day that Christie will never forget. 09/11/2001.

Christie Live-Make A Band Name Edible

Christie asked the listeners to make a band name edible and EVERYONE delivered!!! Thank you to everyone who called, left a talkback, and commented on our Facebook post!!