The Locals List: Party Boi Rokk



I was born in Nigeria to immigrant parents but spent my child hood in Connecticut. 
I got involved with a bit of gang life but everything changed when a close friend of my was shot and killed.
My mother feared I was going to get hurt so she put me on a plane to live with my uncle in Houston on 
some fresh prince of bel air shit. When I came to Texas it was a culture shock growing up on 
Jay-z, Dipset, D-block and Nas to getting into DJ Scew, Mike Jones, Chamillionaire ect but I embraced
the culture.
I started rapping with some friends and eventually got into sound engineering. I then moved out
here to Austin living in the small town of Kyle and graduated HS. When I was done I moved to Houston 
to pursue a serious rap career cause I didn't think I could be discovered out here in Austin. I spent 5 years in
Houston and during that time I got in real dope with the Go DJs and was even mentored by the late great wickett crickett.
I eventually landed an internship with the radio station 97.9 the box and worked that for a year just learning and soaking up
the game. When I felt I had learned enough I moved back to Austin and began applying everything I picked up in Houston.
I went viral on youtube with a song called a million ears and did nearly 250,000 views with 15,000 likes and 7,000 comments.
That got me opportunities to work with scoremore. They put me on a series of shows where I got to open up for people like Big Sean, Wale, Wacka Flocka,
Tre the truth, Big Krit, Juicy J and more. Eventually I got frustrated and quit music and went to college to pursue a computer science degree.
While I was there a friend of mine invited me to a Big Sean show at the whitewater amphatheatre where I linked up with Tory Lanez. I met him before his fame running with Scoremore
so to find out that he blew up and got signed really inspired me to get back into music. So I made a song called Jumpin' and released it on spotify and it blew up and got 500,000 streams.
After that song dropped Tory and Scoremore allowed us to tag along on tour around the country where I got to soak up a lot of game and see things from the industry side.
I then landed a gig on my own to tour around the country with Bone Thugz N Harmony.
Slowly but surely I began building a fanbase and now I'm establishing my own sound and vibe.
In 2020 I released a tape called Space Jam 2020 which did really well and inspired to create this music series
where I release a brand new song every week. I'm continuing to identify and grow my fanbase to make music that ultimately connects with my audience.

Listen to Party Boi Roxx - Space Jam 2020

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