Easter Eggs in Taylor Swift's "I Bet You Think About Me" Video!

The Numbers on the Wedding Cake

There is so much to decode with this wedding-cake scene. On the top layer, you see the numbers 13 and 26. Thirteen is Swift's lucky and favorite number, so of course, she worked it into the video as many times as she could. Twenty-six is present because "I Bet You Think About Me" is track 26 on Red (Taylor's Version). Nov. 26 is also a Friday, so it may hint that something else is being released or announced on that day. You can never put it past Swift.

There Is So Much Going On With That Cake

Remember how Swift acts like a bitter ex-girlfriend in the "Blank Space" music video when she stabs a cake with a knife? In this video, Swift takes a big chunk out of the cake with her whole hand, which mirrors that moment. Both cakes are red velvet. This may mean 1989 could be her next album rerecorded. However, this isn't the only Easter egg pointing toward that album. We also see what looks like the Red logo ring on the third layer of the cake, the bottom of which has birds on it. What else in Swift's discography has birds, or seagulls, on it? Her 1989album cover.

Is That an Equals Sign?

Swift is best friends with Ed Sheeran. They even had two collaborations on this album with "Everything Has Changed" and "Run." So it doesn't seem like a coincidence that Swift may have given him a little shout-out. Sheeran released his fourth solo album, =(orEquals), in October. There are rumors that Swift will be featured on a remix of his song "The Joker and the Queen" off this album. The best friends have been dropping hints since his album dropped.

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