Meet DJ Keilo, Kevin Durant's Official DJ

How did you meet KD?

I met Kd back in 09 i dj his first birthday party in Oklahoma, but we became closer through the relationship i had with his older brother Tony.

How long have you been DJing for KD?

I've been don for Kevin for sometime now maybe about 3-5, once he opened a restaurant he needed a dj for his private room, after every home game or any major events that came to town and he just wanted to hang out.

What other events have you DJed for KD?

I've done all his birthday Parties, his 2 NYE parties, a photo shoot and also a commercial for nike.

What songs do you make sure drop for KD when he is in the party?

Well lately i know its Free Smoke by Drake, anything Jay-z, Kendrick Lamar, its pretty much a open platform with him. pretty much when where on set for a commercial shoot its just bangers to keep his energy upend to keep him going.

How hard was it to plan for the championship party after game 5 when it was a possibility the Cavs could have won?

The promoters planned everything they said the warriors were up by 20 at half they were going to go thru with the party and i mean it was crazy i got there at 11:30 and the party was at capacity with 500+ waiting outside.

Was there a party in place for Cleveland after game 4?

Im not sure but i think they would of flew right back after the game.

How was the championship party? Who showed up?

The party was Bonkers, jammed packed wall to wall champagne every where, the whole team pretty much showed up including the coaching staff. Too Short and Mistah Fab came thru and performed some of the hits you know once blow the whistle drop it get a lil crazy. Draymond Green and Ian clark showered the club with Moet including the dj booth it was insane.

DJ Hella Yella (58498)

DJ Hella Yella (58498)

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