5 signs you are too clingy!!

You may or may not know it... but you too can be CLINGY. But are you too clingy??? Check out some of the possible signs below.

#1 You don’t make any decisions. It’s normal to be indecisive, but if you double-check with you partner on everything, even things that don’t need double-checking, you might be codepentant and that's a sign of being clingy.

#2 You’ve lost your interests. Don't lose yourself when you are with someone, but if you do... you might be trying to be the best verison of what you think they want. You then might find yourself trying too hard.

#3 You fear abandonment. Most of us are fear abandonment, but if you find yourself doing things for your partner because you don’t want them to leave you, this is a solid sign of a deeper issue.

#4 You take on your partner’s struggles. Support is one thing, but when you find yourself taking on your partners problems to the extant that they become your own... you are inserting yourself too much into their life.

#5 You don’t feel right. The right love will feel right, will feel easy. If you feel out of place in your own relationship, you might find yourself overcompensating to make things feel "right" and that can become a clingy tendancy.

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