Benzino Says He'll 'Knock Eminem Out' In Proposed Celebrity Boxing Match

Benzino & Eminem

Photo: Getty Images

Benzino says he'll fight Eminem in "the biggest pay-per-view celebrity boxing match in the history of this world."

Earlier this week, the seasoned artists and reality TV star hopped on Instagram Live to address his followers. During the livestream, 'Zino pitched his ideal match-up for the undercard of Mike Tyson and Jake Paul's upcoming fight. He asserted that he would "knock Eminem out" if he got a chance to get in the ring with the Detroit rapper.

“If 50 [Cent] will fight Stevie [J] then I will fight Eminem,” Benzino said on Instagram. “And then it would be the biggest pay-per-view celebrity boxing match in the history of this world … It would be crazy."

"Put us on the undercard of Jake Paul and Mike Tyson," he continued. "I need that to happen y’all. I’ll fight Eminem.”

Benzino mentioned Stevie J after the seasoned producer threatened to fight 50 Cent over the endless jokes he's made about Diddy's legal situation. The proposal for the boxing match also comes amid the longstanding beef between Benzino and Eminem, which was recently rejuvenated over the last few months. Eminem took aim at the former owner of The Source magazine in his song "Doomsday Pt. 2." Benzino fired back in a pair of songs and continues to berate the Shady Records co-founder whenever he can. After he threatened to KO Em, Benzino also challenged podcaster Joe Budden to jump in the ring as well.

“I’ll knock Eminem out 30 seconds into the round," he added. "Let’s just do it. Let’s do it! Let’s get this bag. People wanna see it. Let’s do it. I need y’all to tag somebody. Put this out. Shady and G-Unit vs. the good guys.”

So far, Eminem has not responded to Benzino's request. Instead, he decided to prank his fans by announcing Infinite 2 — a sequel to his debut album. Check out the April Fool's joke below.

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