6-Year-Old Fan Literally Tries To Steal A Base At Astros Game: WATCH

Photo: Getty Images

Oliver was told to steal a base. Technically, he did exactly what he was told.

During a seventh-inning game on Tuesday (June 21) night's Houston Astros matchup against the New York Mets, a 6-year-old fan was called onto the field to "steal a base," according to the Houston Chronicle. He was supposed to run toward a temporary base set up exclusively for the game on the warning track, but instead, he ran onto the field to second base.

Videos made the rounds on social media of Oliver adorably trying to pick up the second base plate. Astros second baseman Jose Altuve and shortstop Mauricio Dubon even came to the rescue and told him which base to steal (as seen in photos below!). On his way back to the warning track, the crowd of over 35,000 fans cheered him on.

"We thought it would be funny to give him the bag, but it wasn't going anywhere. That was fun, though," Dubon told The Associated Press after the game.

You can watch videos and see photos of Oliver "stealing the base" below!

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