Heads Up, Cardi B, You R Wants You On A Remix To 'Teteo'

Photo: @MartinezFilmsRD/Getty Images

We're all looking to have a good time as we venture out of the pandemic and that was the exact intention that rising Dominican star You R had when he started to work on "Teteo." Little did he know what was going to happen next.

Months since the release of the uptempo track, along with an accompanying remix from El Fecho RD, "Teteo" has gone viral with more than 80 million impressions and hashtags on social media. With stamps of approval from Cardi B and Funk Master Flex, the dance track has flooded the streets in the United States and in the Dominican Republic. "I really didn't write the song with any intentions except to make a cool, fun record," You R, 26, told iHeartRadio. "I had no idea people were going to respond to it the way they have. The community has really taken to the song, the dance and the phrase. It’s all very exciting!"

Clocking in at three-and-a-half minutes, "Teteo" strikes just a few seconds in, with the rapper spitting bars in sync with the pounding bassline. Most notably, it's the hypnotic hook that makes the song as You R repeatedly declares: "Dale teteo, dale teteo." "I would describe a 'teteo' to be the most lit party or happening there is," he explained. "It's the ultimate good time and the best vibes."

The viral response has also seen folks of all statures in the DR — both the Poppis and the Wawas — react to the track, a feat that has You R "feeling blessed." "I still can't believe that this record has taken off the way it has," he said, adding that he was in "complete shock" to see Bardi share the song on her Instagram Story. "I am absolutely ecstatic. I feel truly honored to know she likes and even knows my song!"

"If I could have anyone get on another remix of 'Teteo' for crossover appeal, it would most definitely be Cardi B," he declared. "She’s Dominican. She reps for the community and the culture. She is one of the biggest artists out there, and actually knows the song."

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